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not sure on receiver sb1 or sb2 but took close ups of markings for you


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Back after some time away. This is still the best Freedom based board. Thank you
stay away from banner brand canned sausage, looks like canned cat food,
overly salty, not sausage at all
I ate a can of Hormel Tamales. Not great, not awful. I do however have the feeling of someone who has loaded a nuclear shell into Atomic Annie.
I hate waiting in line behind someone picking out what flavor of cancer they want to smoke
If you see a truck with Arabic script on it and the ridiculous dangling trim inside be warned: it's code for "doesn't know how to drive".
means keep door closed, goat inside
I'm telling you, they are a menace.
Putting dangerously unqualified individuals, individuals that are unable to even read roadsigns or understand English instructions. Should be a felony offense. Giving such individuals a license should be a felony.
Send me a PM if you have not sold it in a week or so - price is good although its not exactly the gun I am looking for.
I am just North of Syracuse in Central Square.
Have an FFL up here who is fairly priced as well.
No shit, I’m always in central square
Hey Tisto if you didn’t sell those plated 9mm and primers were I’m interested. I’m a Buffalo boy as well, I’m currently working out of town but am coming home on the 27th and can meet up with you.
God made a huge mistake when he let Noah escape the floods. He should have annihilated everything then. He should do it now.
Hello Alistair. I would like to take holster #2 - Leather Bianchi #191 - S&W 645 ,45 Auto if it's still available.
Let me know . thanks
You've got a S&W 645 ? Cool ! Such a sweet .45 :cool:
I'll take whats left when you get back.
Where in NL are you? My wife's relatives are in the Normans Cove/Chapel Head and Old Shop area's. I ride Motorcycle from here to there when we visit and sometimes detour through Labrador. I'm NW of Albany.
Different Drummer
Different Drummer
Heh, Heh,
Small world! I used to run the maintenance Dept. at NY-27. ( Airport in Johnstown ) I now your area well. Had the Krown treatment done on my truck at 4X Heaven before heading to NL.
Normans Cove is about 3 hours South of us closer to St. Johns. We go by the turn when we leave Argentia after getting off the ferry.
Different Drummer
Different Drummer
We are in a small community called "Pools Island". It is on the North side of Bonavista Bay just North of Greenspond.
I owned a motorcycle every day of my life since I was 15 Y/O. Being in my seventh decade and having survived with only a couple of pavement contacts I decided it might be a good time to retire my riding days. Sold my last MC last Spring. BMW R1150 GS ADV.
Different Drummer
Different Drummer
I rode the Translabrador prior to it's completion when it was all gravel. Required a ferry trip from Cartwright to Goose Bay back then. IIR it was over 600 miles of gravel.
Anyway, I have you on the list. Being fairly local to me is to your advantage.
Stay safe,
There is no smokin' in the prone position in bed. To smoke you must have both legs over the side of your bunk. Any man caught smokin' in the prone position in bed spends a night in the box.
City people should stay in their cities and not infect the rest of the country with their presence.
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Wow, some idiot was trying to run in front of cars on 81n by exit 3. Finally got hit by tractor trailer. They were doing compressions when we drove by. Now 81n is closed and half of BPD is there.
Triple digit temps in southern PA today.
This early into summer? What in the name of Walt Wittman's riding lawnmower is up with that?!