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    Here are the Republicans considering running against Andrew Cuomo

    "What trick is there to talking? Any fool can do it." Francis the Talking Mule
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    Shooting bench for truck bed

    Fucked up. I guess the bench comes out of the bed and goes on the to the truck...better not touch...
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    Shooting bench for truck bed

    It has been my understanding that the prohibition of loaded firearms in a vehicle had to do with transportation. We all know that there is no jacking from a vehicle...per ECL. Interesting. I think I'll give the old judge's office a call and ask about the truck bed angle.
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    Shooting bench for truck bed

    I guess I'm a felon.
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    Shooting bench for truck bed

    So, if I place a bag on the hood and shoot at a target, or if I sit on the tailgate to shoot at a target....where it is legal to shoot....
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    Shooting bench for truck bed

    Red wing blackbirds are here, must be spring. My local range has a less than optimized layout, and one way to work around it would be a bench in the bed of my pickup. Might be good when shooting on state land too...even on my own property. Anybody do this? There are several commercial...
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    WWII Pistol Training Video

    Had no idea....
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    WWII Pistol Training Video

    45 cal tracer? Never knew about such.
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    Welcome. I don't know about legal stuff, but you might learn about stinky walls, woodchucks, and now hemrrhoids....
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    Rifle suggestion please

    Choices are endless. Like many of us, over time the rifle rack fills up with all kinds of stuff. I still use a slug gun. With the field barrel and choke tubes all my needs are met, be they birds, big or small game...versatile and affordable, although sabot slugs are stupid money. Then I got...
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    Hand Signals (A Good List)

    The signals I learned were for mostly for moving vehicles and operating wreckers. I taught the wife several and that has been very useful over the years.
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    Davis trade in Reputation

    My local guy takes stuff on consignment...we've both done well, I got my price and he made his money. My third consignment sale is there right now. True it takes some time, but the racks are mostly empty and stock is unavailable. It is a sellers market, and I'm the seller.
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    Rifle suggestion please

    I've no argument with anything said, but isn't the OP putting the cart before the horse? I would think the discussion of what rifle should follow a consideration of game, hunting lands/conditions...maybe even caliber first. Personally, I think a lot of folks head out with way too much...
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    Restoration of old, rusted, FN Browning "Baby" pistol

    New trick to me, the jar/drill/polisher.
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    Missouri Gun Shop Refuses To Sell Weapons, Ammo To Biden Supporters, And They’re Very Upset

    Liberalism is a psychological disorder...maybe they should be flagged?