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    Online retailers shipping to NY

    This place advertises on the Washington Standard website...Get $15 Off Your First Purchase! ( Won't ship to NYC but supposedly will ship to elsewhere. No personal experience.
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    Online retailers shipping to NY

    I'll upvote Rogers.
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    Windage Adjustable Scope Rings

    They would not work on this rifle. It's an old Mossberg bolt gun and the scope mount is a custom item from Havlin's. The mount accepts Weaver style rings, and I suppose Picatinny stuff as well. It's said that these rifles are super accurate. Bull barrel and hand lapped bore. The thing is...
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    Windage Adjustable Scope Rings

    The rings arrived, they do not qualify as "pretty" but it seems that they will do the job. One good thing so far is that the scope sits a little bit lower now. I didn't get to boresight the rig as it was raining, again...... This wet weather this summer is crazy.
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    NYS Employee Mandatory Testing for Unvaccinated

    I did my time with the fuckin glad I'm retired. Best of luck to all government employees. Stick it out if you can, or stick it to the man.
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    Windage Adjustable Scope Rings

    Shopping around, I found Weaver, Millet, and Burris make rings that are adjustable. The Weaver rings were the least expensive...not Grand Slam though. And it turned out I had a set of the Millet Angle Locs, but they are some kind of weird silver color. The Burris rings use plastic inserts...
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    New Member

    I like barley too! Now you are officially a member.
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    Windage Adjustable Scope Rings

    I have a 22 cal rifle that was drilled and tapped for a scope mount. It turns out that the drilling was a small bit off...I ran out of windage adjustment on the scope. I messed around with it for a while and no doubt about it, the mount is not completely parallel to the axis of the bore...
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    Private Gun Range for private use questions on legalities. Suggestions on how to...

    Several years ago I used some GIS software to map the 500 ft radius from the nearest neighbors to where it intersected my property. I've never needed it, but if anybody complains, or John Law pays a's a picture. I guess it could be done using Google Earth...don't know.
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    Greetings from WNY

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    Why can’t I find slugs??

    Years ago a bought a Hastings rifled barrel for my Ithaca, yes those sabots are expensive. When shotgun zones went rifle I went with a 77/44. Slug gun in rifle form. A lot lighter too.
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    Pole limit?

    ....but five tip ups....more hook points than you you can count... I once had a DEC cop try to ticket me. Some guy within spitting distance had put his rod down and walked away. The cop came by, asked about the rod, I said not mine and I don't know whose rod that is. I believe I had two rods...
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    Hello from Long Island

    Wantagh, used to work that area long time ago. Busy place as I recall.
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    Hello from Long Island

    Greetings. Whereabouts on the island?