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    How to Prepare for a Communist Coup

    No, not many women. Those that where left after taking Zimniy. Those that did live, few went to fight bolsheviks, mostly personal reasons, and mostly from aristocracy. Majority were executed. Bloodied rounds with Red Guards? Barricading staircase called bloodied rounds? in the late eighties...
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    How to Prepare for a Communist Coup

    On October 25th, 1917 (Nov 7th new time), Emperor's palace was guarded by a battalion of women. Guarded is a big overstatement, but, never the less, bolsheviks raped ALL of them and killed many. Majority were gang raped. Do not think for a moment that Americans are the worst, as professors in...
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    How to Prepare for a Communist Coup

    Not true, thou there probably wasn't a single German woman that didn't get raped.
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    From a left leaning NYP, the issues with Biden and his chances

    Not just VP, Attorney General, FBI Director, NSA - all of the communist apparatus. It's the same schematic every time, all the time. Constituition will be used as a common toilet paper, they will be screaming about rights and freedoms while removing them nightly, or, on Friday afternoon. Been...
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    NY vs NRA (Merged thread)

    I'm with you here.
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    A Scary Fact Found in a Gun Survey on the Upcoming Election

    See, how message is changed? The original quote "People deserve their kings"
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    Hello, everyone

    Thanks, I'm guessing AC/DC is more accepted here.
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    Hello, everyone

    I'm in Brooklyn, NY. Hardly paddle anymore. Used to. Used to do scuba diving as well. Things are sheet here.
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    Attorney General James Stops Sales of “Ghost Guns” Into New York

    This is a grand standing on GRAND scale. Cuomo screwed so bad on every level. Everyone hates him, even in Albany, but, dems will pore money, plus, he got donors locked-up via corruption in his admin, so, he need to point some other direction. His policies are directly responsible for horrendous...
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    Tyranny begins with Executive Orders

    Remember Obama - "I have a phone and a pen". Even he wasn't the first to "I'm the king of..."
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    NYGF Long Gun Pictures Gallery: Show off your Rifles and Shotguns !

    Assault is an action, as in doing something... well you understand. inanimate things can not assault anyone or anything. But, no point telling that to a liberal, he/she will just yell.
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    Woman detained for wearing a bikini - Myrtle Beach, SC police Department

    We are not disparaging cops. I'm very PRO-blue. Never argue with them (pointless). That said, this "discussion is more like this:
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    Woman detained for wearing a bikini - Myrtle Beach, SC police Department

    Just blew my coffee through the nose. :D