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    NYSRPA v. Bruen, NY 2A Case Supreme Court case and decision

    Don't get me wrong I'm absolutely ecstatic for this ruling but more for what it may bring in the future and less about what it does for now. Seeing as it doesn't get rid of permitting schemes its like "yea! I don't have to ask for as much permission!" Also from what I understand, the way its...
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    DONE Primer trade?!

    All good got what I needed thanks tho
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    Fitness and prepardness.. but im tired today

    Finally got to compete in my first BJJ tourney yesterday. Had to cut about 10lbs to compete in the medium heavy division. I have been training for this tournament four days a week for about 2 months. Won both my fights to take home gold!!! first match went all 5 mins and I won 12-0 was really...
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    Don't Bring a Knife to a Gun fight!!

    both wanted to be tough guys but neither of them wanted the smoke
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    Don't Bring a Knife to a Gun fight!!

    dudes lucky he didnt get popped
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    Hello to all-

    Well I don't want to seem unwelcoming, bbbbuuuuttttttt I think its strange that someone who lives in Ca. joins a gun forum in NY days after a mass shooting goes nationwide. Maybe I'm paranoid idk
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    Hello to all-

    you joining have anything to do with the mass shooting?
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    Mass shooting in buffalo NY

    Well clearly it didnt, as evidenced by the video you posted ‍
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    Mass shooting in buffalo NY

    I dont think one needs to be a ballistics expert to punch a few holes in this but here's my non expert opinion, also I know people that were there who could tell you it wasn't a hoax -the video of the women is a grainy lower quality but you can still see spray come out between her head and the...
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    Mass shooting in buffalo NY

    wtf is this!? is this a super scientific YouTube clip showing a women losing her life compared to something that has few similarities to reality do you believe this or are you just trying to muddy the water for those susceptible to this crap?
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    9th Circuit uses strict scrutiny to strike down CA gun law

    I don't disagree with that, but its almost like 9th circuit held their nose during the ruling and tried to find a way to inject any kind of government oversight into this ruling that they could. No matter how much of a stretch it was.
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    9th Circuit uses strict scrutiny to strike down CA gun law

    I didn't read the link, someone fill me in, what's the correlation between a hunting license and owning a centerfire semi auto? I mean yea, great, the ruling was kind of in the favor of the 2nd amendment but we have to get away from linking gun rights with hunting
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    P320 10mm

    hhhmmmmmm This may be what gets me to finally stop dragging my feet and add a 10mm to my inventory Patiently waiting for more details
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    NYS now giving free air conditioners to the poor. What what about the environment??

    This program has been in place for a few years now. Sad to see it expanded
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    Rittenhouse trial thread (multi-merged)

    Whos Carl Rittenhouse and whys he suing Whoopi Goldberg? smells like fake news to me