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    Homeowner charged after shooting teen attempting to break into his car

    Castle Doctrine only removes one of the five elements of a legal defense of self defense, that element is the duty to retreat. Castle Doctrine doesn’t often cover defense of property, but can cover you if you are in your vehicle. I’m not 100% if vehicles are covered in NY.
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    NYGF Rescuestuff is now a NYGF vendor (FFL)

    Wish I knew about your $20 transfer fee for my last AR. Ruger 556 NY compliment for $3(0.
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    Springfield Hellcat, M&P Subcompact, Canik TP9. Elite SC, P365 SAS

    I’m willing to give Springfield a chance but not at least for a year or two. Canik’s model is just a slightly modified TP9SF Elite so it should be pretty classic out of the box. the 1.4” width is easy for me to conceal and not much different if you put an optic on any of these. If anything the...
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    Springfield Hellcat, M&P Subcompact, Canik TP9. Elite SC, P365 SAS

    So, with the recent announcement of the Springfield Hellcat, M&P Subcompacts, Canik’s TP9 Elite SC, and the P365 SAS, what are you excited for? For me it’s the Canik TP9 Elite SC because I like my TP9SFx and TP9SF Elite.
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    NYSAFE: ammunition background check implementation

    Black Market Blackpowder.
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    LaGrangeville, east coast Noob

    Dutchess County Pistol Associate and Derek @ Civil Armory (in Pleasant Valley) are great resources. Derek got me hooked up tI go hunting this coming season. He also is one of the cheaper transfer fees and will price match if you ask nicely.
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    F/S 16” AR barrel

    Any markings on the barrel to guess at brand/manufacturer?
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    Help me find my next pistol - DA/SA

    The Decocker is entirely modifiable. It’s just a 75 series sear cage. It’s a pain in the ass to put back together the first five times but that’s s out it. Edit: Yes, unless you plan to SAO it.
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    Help me find my next pistol - DA/SA

    I’ve got a CZ P-07 that is my carry gun. It’s a great gun, shoots great, trigger is good, the decocker is the omega variant so it’s much easier to modify/take down than the 75s. The CZ P-01 or SP-01 Tactical might be up your ally if you’re straying from polymer. Both of these are the 75 series...
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    SIG P320 Slides

    One would hope. Im slowly converting to a dot and I am hoping to have a few pistols with them. This makes my CPO P320 a good option.
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    SIG P320 Slides

    Cool idea. Any idea if it can mount an RMR?
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    DONE Sig Sauer P320 Compact FDE

    Shit... might be sleeping on the couch.
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    Shooting in New Zealand Mosque

    Gotta keep the sheep sheep.
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    Shooting in New Zealand Mosque

    My wife and I have read the manifesto. He does not claim to be left or right-wing. He does not support Trump but likes the idea of Trump. He used guns specifically to generate discontent in the US knowing the media would latch on to them and bring more light to his cause. The whole point of...
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    weapons inventory list / catalog

    Open Office or Libre are good.