1. Podmonkey

    Further refinements to my DD Recce Rifle

    The "Commie Culler": Now sporting Magpul Furniture and with rail covers and handstop from Slate Black Industries. The purpose of swapping the Magpul furniture onto the DD from the NYGF carbine was to allow me to install the LaRue RISR cheek rest- The cheek pad is spring loaded to allow the...
  2. Podmonkey

    The Kahles K16i low powered variable scope. Finally, a review!

    First English review I have seen of this optic. I agree with everything he says. @Edwardteach72 (cause you like this stuff) @Willjr75 ( the LPV cynic) @meketrefe (our resident, near savant level, guru)
  3. Podmonkey

    Range Report: Daniel Defense DDM4V7 + scope and trigger.

    The rifle: Daniel Defense DDM4V7. The V7 model denotes the MLok version. Has a 16" CHF, chrome lined barrel with a Gov't profile, 1:7 twist. It's been equipped with a LaRue MBT 2 stage trigger. The scope: Kahles K16i 1x6. 30mm tube, 24mm objective. Second focal plane. The mount is an ERA...