1. S

    Can I have whatever I want on a rifle if I have a fixed magazine?

    I want to build my first AR. To be NY compliant, I just need a fixed magazine correct? As long as I have a fixed magazine, can I then have a pistol grip or do I need to have a fixed magazine and have no other features? Sorry this is a really basic question.
  2. Podmonkey

    The Happy Anniversary Karma!!!! With a little FUAC on the side.

    Wow, one year now, feels like I've always been here. To celebrate, and to make ammends for occasionally flaunting my free state privileges, check that, rights, and to put a little sting into my FUAC warcry, I present the following Karma giveaway: One (1) 10/30 Lancer AWM, one (1) 10/20 Lancer...