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    Westchester Pistol Permit Application Question

    Hi All, I am a new member of the forum, and also very new to the pistol permit application process here in Westchester county. I have begun completing the required forms, scheduling training, etc. I have a question regarding the 4 character references. The only restrictions I see in the...
  2. Nicys Firearm Instruction

    Nicys Firearms Instruction

    About our Company: “Nicys Firearms Instruction” offers performance-based training and is dedicated to make you a better shooter. Whether you are looking to improve your skills with a pistol, rifle or shotgun, obtain your NYS pistol license, learn about NYS laws or be better prepared to...
  3. Will555

    AR Pistol on Permit

    Hi everyone, I have got the urge to finally go through with building an AR pistol to put on my pistol permit. From what I have read of the laws, for non leo’s as long as it has a fixed mag it should be good to go, correct? What I have been thinking about though is the easiest way to go about it...
  4. S

    Colonie Pistol Permit Timeline - Will Update Throughout Experience

    I live in the town of Colonie, I will document my progress throughout the process, hope it helps someone out there. Helpful Links: 1. How to Apply for a Pistol Permit, Amendment, or Gunsmith/Dealer License in Albany County 2. http://www.albanycounty.com/Librarie...rmit.sflb.ashx 04MAY2016 -...