1. Podmonkey

    The Kahles K16i low powered variable scope. Finally, a review!

    First English review I have seen of this optic. I agree with everything he says. @Edwardteach72 (cause you like this stuff) @Willjr75 ( the LPV cynic) @meketrefe (our resident, near savant level, guru)
  2. Podmonkey

    Scalarworks QD scope mount

    Scalarworks Leap Mount for Scopes Yes I know it's too expensive, foolishly expensive, get a Larue, ADM yadda yadda. Based on the features and specs alone what do we think? @meketrefe, looks solid, secure? My line of thinking on this, A Trijicon Accupoint 1-6 on a Bobro QD mount would weigh...