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Discussion in 'Prepping, Survival & Security' started by Drinkthekoolaid, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. Drinkthekoolaid

    Drinkthekoolaid .308 Win U.S. Military

    I'm just curious how those of you in the preparedness forum view gun purchases.

    Do you guys make gun decisions based on prepping ideas?

    Have you bought specific guns, calibers, types of guns with prepping in mind as part of an overall strategy? Etc..

    I'm just curious what you guys think. My suspicion is that you guys have more practical/functional choices than just fun range toys that are less practical.

    I've chosen specific calibers for this purpose. Assuming if things go crazy this ammo will be the most readily available.

    I have chosen to go with 12G, .22lr, 5.56 and 9mm assuming it will be available. In the future I may expand to include .45 and .308 but for now those are my choices that I am focusing on.
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  2. ArmedCorgi

    ArmedCorgi .338 Win Mag

    I consider myself one that has come to think along these lines. Not just for prepping but also as a means to keep cost down with the different prices in ammo. Only having to buy one type of ammo for most of your rifles is helpful incase you need to disperse your guns amongst family and friends. It simplifies things.
    I also look at handguns this way as well and I have recently gotten into the whole PCC thing so as to have a carbine/pistol combo that takes the same ammo and magazines.

    This is not to say I don't have range toys, but usually a larger reason for my purchases is based more on utility/practicality. The enjoyment is an added bonus.
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  3. Depick

    Depick .223 Rem

    I’ve been trying to keep the types of ammo I have to stock low so I like to buy multiple firearms in the same caliber. I have a few handguns in 9mm and a Ruger pc9 is next on the list. After that I’m considering a pistol in 22 lr to go along with the 10/22. All together I think I’ve got 5 different calibers.
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  4. oc shooter

    oc shooter .45 acp

    simple for me I try to shoot what ever the military is using
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  5. Blimey

    Blimey 6.5 Creedmoor

    I don't see how you can do better. I believe a 12 gauge should be everybody's first gun, and anything beyond that is gravy. With those other three everything is covered.
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  6. Robin

    Robin .338 Win Mag

    Yep, thats a good selection, though I prefer the .45ACP, but the bottom line is you go to war with the equipment you have and things don't always jive so its best to always remain flexible to a very fluid situation.
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  7. GOPerfect

    GOPerfect .338 Win Mag LEO / LEA

    When it comes to buying guns, I try to think of long term use.

    I look to purchase common calibers. .22 9mm, 45ACP, 5.56 and .308 and 12 Gauge. For the most part anyway.

    I look to what may occur as well as what is.
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  8. Deplorable Me

    Deplorable Me .450/400 Nitro Ex

    In some areas I buy a rifle/handgun common caliber. .357/.44/.22. I reload .38's and the .38 is a great garden/small game prepper round. I can even load .38 shotshells. Nice short range squirrel round. If I were stuck with one firearm it would be my 4" Ruger GP100. Which fortunately is not the case. :D

    Reloading wise I have a .444 Marlin/.35 Rem. Common handgun bullets/rifle compatible with the correct reload data.
  9. Jackalope

    Jackalope .40 S&W

    I went with basic calibers .22, .5.56, .308, 9mm, .45 and 12 G. Ammo amounts are based upon the number of guns in that particular caliber. And of course some of the ammo in certain calibers is used in both handguns and long guns. If I happen to acquire some ammo in a caliber that I don't use, the ammo is stored for later barter, i.e. 30.06.

    Certain firearms have been purchased exclusively for a SHTF event, i.e., a Keltec KSG. I have other shotguns, but the KSG is primarily a home defense firearm, for zombie control. I guess it would be good for killing snakes too....
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  10. Celt

    Celt .308 Win

    Preparedness is a consideration for all of my firearm purchases. Whether it be type of gun or the ammo it uses. Slowly I am looking to have at least one gun and all popular calibers that way if I'm left scrounging around for ammunition no matter what I find I will have a gun to use it.

    Also my single biggest consideration for all firearm purchases is reliability. When Im going to buy one it has to be the most reliable or at least highly reliable. I once bought a Mossberg JM Pro as a semi-automatic shotgun thinking I could deal with less-than-stellar reliability and I could not so I sold it and bought a Benelli.
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  11. BDinPutnam

    BDinPutnam .308 Win Monthly Shot Winner

    Generally agree with all the above. I do have some stuff that I either acquired via gift, or that I picked up specific to hunting.

    Rifles: .22, .222, .223/5.56, .30-30, .308, .30-06, .177/.22 pellet, .50 blackpowder inbound and .300 win mag inbound. There's a 7mm Rem in there somewhere but getting it magna ported before it makes its way to NY.

    Shotgun, couple of 20 gauges and an 870 with interchangeable barrels in 12.

    Pistols are in .22, 9mm, and .45.

    ETA: oh yeah and duh- AR9. :D
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  12. togmaster

    togmaster .338 Win Mag

    I just buy shit. No reason needed.
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  13. GTN

    GTN .44 mag

    Yeah all gun buys are for the what if....
    .22 rifle an pistol
    12 ga shotgun
    9mm pistols and PCC
    5.56 rifle
    and as of today 7.62x39
    I also tend to buy firearms that don’t mind being dirty.
    For some reason I still want a 308 semiauto rifle. Don’t know why - I just do.
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  14. FLA45fan

    FLA45fan .223 Rem

    I stick to the common calibers, no Wildcats. 12 ga ,223/5.56, 7.62x39, 308, 22lr,22wmr, 38/357, 9mm, 45acp. Non of the short magnum rifles, or weird 45 GAP pistols.

    Hey GTN, If you like a Saiga in 7.62x39, you should see what a Saiga in 308 will do . . . :wave:
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  15. GTN

    GTN .44 mag

    Trust me I thought about it. I should have asked for the buy 2 special pricing
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  16. Drinkthekoolaid

    Drinkthekoolaid .308 Win U.S. Military

    Have you guys bought "specific" guns, like a G19, AR15, SKS etc.,. Specifically with the thought of I need this exact gun as a part of my plan.

    For example, a lot of prepping articles have 5 guns every prepper needs. Ususally goes something like (10/22 , a pump 12G, a G19, AR15, AK47)

    Have you bought duplicates of the same type of gun in the interest of commonality to share with a family member or spare parts?

    For me when I was deciding for a .22lr between a 10/22 and a marlin60, I went with a marlin 60 because I liked the idea of a 14rd tube fed and not needing to keep track of mags (since my only allows10, it negates the advantages of the larger mags available in free anerica). It's light, simple, less parts etc.. Hopefully i am never in a position where I need to defend myself with a .22lr.
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  17. 71velle

    71velle .357 mag Yearly Shot Winner Monthly Shot Winner

    Usually prepping is for if SHTF in that case the the local gun store wont be open for business. So, the only availability will most likely be what you have. A good supply is great but in the worse circumstance you may not have access to your own stash so having supplies in different locations would be the safest bet. If you feel you need a particular type firearm it would be best to have 2 incase one is broken, lost etc. Picking a caliber can be a double edge sword if you go with the most common it might be the first to dry up. Durring the last ammo shortage 9mm was hard to find but not so much for 40.

    Another consideration is the versatility of the firearm it may not be practical to carry 2 or 3 long guns and pistols with the ammo. It is very hard to prep for a situation that you dont know what it will be or for how long.

    I am not much of a prepper myself but have read a few articles and the best thought out ones had plans for a days, weeks and months.
  18. FLA45fan

    FLA45fan .223 Rem

    Sort of leaning this way with a couple of guns, specifically the Glock 19 and a basic AR 15 like the Smith or Ruger, maybe another Ruger 10/22, as backups. Also bought guns to have "caliber coverage". Don't care too much about 40 S&W, 357 Sig and those weird rifle calibers. Miss my 30-30 truck gun . . . Long story.
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  19. livingston

    livingston .450/400 Nitro Ex

    Many of us don't have a ton of money to spend on guns . We pick one up on occasion when we can . Many of us have inherited guns . Myself I have a German Mauser that has been converted to a 300 savage . The mauser action has been proven to be one of the most reliable in the gun world . .300 savage was well known deer caliber for years . .. Father also has a S&W outdoorsman. .22 cal. ... Dad wore it when he trapped . In it's day the outdoorsman was known for being accurate ... Better than most folks can shoot it. Once I could have gone to Tibet ... Did not happen but reading up on the country there are a lot of wild dog packs . Some folks recommend one get a rabies shot before going into the country if one travels out of the city. ... In a SHTF situation no one mentions anything about packs of wild dogs .. They will be here. I feel that outdoorsman would be a good gun to have on your person .
    I have a half dozen 9 mmm handguns . A pair of P320's and a pair of Shields. . IF one craps the bed we have a parts gun . Also a few revolvers .. one just picks one up when a good deal shows up. Then we have the run of the mill shotguns and a Winchester 62a that my father owned . It has never failed . .. I understand some of these guns are long in the tooth. .... However they were well made .. Fairly simple in their action ... Will serve me well in a SHTF world. Still looking to purchase a few more .. When money permits.
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  20. livingston

    livingston .450/400 Nitro Ex

  21. Darth

    Darth .450/400 Nitro Ex

    I buy mostly for fun now. I have way more than enough "purpose built guns."

    I have 5 P99s and I don't even carry one. :eek:
  22. Runner99

    Runner99 .40 S&W

    590 A1, 10/22, and a home build frankenar15... pretty much covers my bases
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  23. IrishMick

    IrishMick .40 S&W

    I think owning guns chambered for more popular calibers is a wise move for SHTF, Especially 5.56 and 7.62x51 as these calibers are ubiquitous, used by both military and law enforcement, as well as NATO. (Have always held that the AR15 should be especially protected by the 2A as the militia rifle, as many parts as well as magazines and ammo interchange.) Depending on the length and severity of the situation these calibers will be available for quite some time. That being said I stock plenty for all my SHTF guns, 5.56, 7.62x51, 7.62x39, 7.62x54R, 30-06 Garand loadings, and 12ga. I also try to stock some for my other guns as well but less so than my main SHTF guns. Livingston, everyone has different financial abilities so "run what ya brung" is fine too. Just stock up on ammo for what you have i.e.. stack it as deep as you can afford, especially any odd calibers. If they're not readily found on the shelves, they won't be easier to find during SHTF!
  24. Willjr75

    Willjr75 .450/400 Nitro Ex U.S. Military

    Starting a few years ago and going forward, I only buy for function and practicality. 9mm Glocks and carbine that takes the same magazines and ammo. I just got the Ruger PCC after selling my AR 9mm.

    My next purchase will be a compliant 5.56 or 7.62x39 in a traditional configuration for the occasional hunt with the fellas or defense. Possibly in a Saiga format if I can find one.

    Pure function going forward. These laws aren't going away.
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  25. tirwin1

    tirwin1 6.5 Creedmoor

    My first purchase was a 20 guage shotgun. I felt I wasn't ready for a 12 guage and I had no experience with a rifle so I went with a shotgun.

    I submitted my permit and picked up my first pistol - a glock 19 in 9mm. It seemed to be the most common caliber at the time. I now recognize why it seems to be the most popular ammo type for concealed carry.

    I went to the range with a friend and he had a .45 1911. Holy shit was that fun to shoot. So I went out and purchased a colt 1911. I love that gun even though it will primarily be a range weapon and not a carry weapon.

    After that the bug hit me so I purchased a true rifle (ruger mini 14 in 556/223, then a walther p22 (for the wife) then a .357 revolver (ruger gp100).

    My latest purchase was a 12 guage shotgun. Home defense ammo for the 20 guage is sparse and I did not like the results I had at the range so I decided to get a true 12 guage. Mossberg 590M fit the bill and I have been happy with it. YMMV.
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  26. BDinPutnam

    BDinPutnam .308 Win Monthly Shot Winner

    @tirwin1 I completely agree re: 20 gauge. Which is a shame as I feel it is a pretty good all around HD platform.
  27. garyv350

    garyv350 .40 S&W

    I have issues.....I've got it mostly covered for any situation. And I just buy what I like really.
    Calibers I own currently.
    5.7 pistol and AR
    22 pistol and rifle
    22 mag pistol and rifle
    204 AR
    223/556 pistol and AR
    6.8 spcl AR
    6.5 cm rifle and AR
    9mm pistol and AR
    38/357 pistol and rifle
    44 mag pistol and rifle
    444 rifle
    450 bushmaster AR
    308 rifle and AR
    338 lapua rifle
    35 rem rifle
    30-30 rifle
    762×39 rifle
    410, 20, 12, 10 gauge
    380 pistol
    460 xvr pistol
    45 acp pistol and AR
    38 super pistol
    300 blackout pistol and AR
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  28. Bob

    Bob .223 Rem

    I decided early on to center all of my guns around a handful of calibers, just for the simplicity of not having to maintain adequate supplies of ammo in a bunch of different calibers.

    All of my semi-auto pistols are either 9mm or .45ACP. All of my revolvers are .38spl/.357. All of my shotguns are 12ga, and my rifles are either .22lr, .223/5.56, or .308. I do have one .38/.357 lever gun that I enjoy running from time to time. I also have conversion kits for some of the .9mm pistols and .223 rifles to be able to run .22lr in them.
  29. GOPerfect

    GOPerfect .338 Win Mag LEO / LEA

    Not just guns with me, Nearly everything I do is for impending Storm. The food I buy, how I store stuff. The land that I bought, the different types of buildings I have at the land. The gear I buy. Everything is done for the turning tides in America,
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  30. Bob

    Bob .223 Rem

    The impending storm that I prepare for is the one that happens every couple of years here in Western New York. It's the freak winter storm that dumps six feet of snow across two days. It's the ice storm that destroys the electrical infrastructure and knocks out power for two weeks. Or at least that's what I tell people. ;)

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