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Discussion in 'Prepping, Survival & Security' started by NYGuns, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. NYGuns

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    There are some apps in the market that I have used with Blue Iris just playing around - IP Webcam - Android Apps on Google Play

    I'm assuming you have siamese cable run which is why you are looking at a Hybrid system? If so, then TVI is the way to go. Hikvision has a good TVI line. Go on chat w/ Nelly's Security, ask for Ryan and tell him Mike sent you. He'll hook you up.
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  2. Fenucho

    Fenucho .38 Special

    I hate to recommend specific cameras without knowing much more of what you want to do.
    Do you want to be able to recognize faces of people you know at 50 yds (easier), or strangers?
    Or, do you need to be able to recognize people both near and far?
    As far as battery systems, your looking at a deep cycle boat type battery around 180Ah and a way to secure it to the install location.
    Figure an average of 5 watts for the camera... even at that it will only get you about 3 weeks of use.
    How would you charge the battery without solar?
    Either way, I don't see you getting it done for less than a grand. (unless you know a guy named Rube Goldberg :) )
  3. freddy

    freddy .44 mag

    I was hoping for lithium ion batteries to keep weight and size small, and duration long.

    Identify strangers at 30-50 yards would be preferred.

    I don't need any bells and whistles - no real time viewing on smart phone, no home system integration. Just a high power lens, recording onboard, battery power. Even just still photos are acceptable.

    Thanks for any ideas.

    Also, is there a Buds/Midway/Brownells of the surveillance camera world I should look at for the types of cameras we are discussing?
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  4. Fenucho

    Fenucho .38 Special

    I think your way over thinking this. 150 feet is an easy distance for most cameras.
    Why not run a POE cable to a camera there, or a couple of good trail cameras.
    I think a picture of the area would make recommendations much better.
  5. freddy

    freddy .44 mag

    I have new high end Bushnells and Reconynx trail cams. The lenses are not long enough to ID a person, especially under night vision.
  6. Fenucho

    Fenucho .38 Special

    Facial recognition at night at 50 meters? Not happening.

    What's the budget? Or is this all hypothetical?

    Figure 100lbs for the battery system and metallic conduit to go up to camera,
    if the area is remote, how will you secure this from the people you are recording.

    A picture of the area is really needed to be helpful. (unless you don't want us to know where the plants are located :confused: )
  7. CaseHardened

    CaseHardened .357 mag

    I want a system to record possible crimes (after the fact, duh), but also just to see who (or what) is at the end of my driveway.

    This seems like a good system at the right price to me:

    Night Owl $249.99


    Costco Wholesale

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