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  1. alistair

    alistair .40 S&W

    Anyone shot the Sig P226 RX (the P226 with Romeo1 red dot sight) ?

    I have been thinking about buying a P320 RX, then came across these replacement slides for the P226.
    Sig Sauer Caliber Conversion kits-with Romeo 1 reflex sight, Gun Kit Up to $39.01 Off w/ Free S&H — 2 models

    I have a P226 Stainless Elite which I love to shoot.

    The new slide with Romeo1 sight would provide a different shooting experience without having to notify NYS, FUAC !
    However, the price is a little steep, and for a few hundred more I could just buy a new P320 RX.

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  2. Podmonkey

    Podmonkey .338 Win Mag Monthly Shot Winner U.S. Military

    Sounds like Sig is offering the RX thing on all their models. I think its a good deal in any model. You just have to decide if you'd rather have a poly striker gun or a hammer alloy gun. I think you should go with the option that is not, or at least less, represented in your current collection.
  3. Phauxtoe

    Phauxtoe .308 Win

    i want an RX slide for the SP2022!
  4. MikeyCNY

    MikeyCNY .44 mag

    Not much to contribute except to say I've had my eye(s) on a P320 Rx since they came out. There were a few online sales earlier this week for around $680 shipped, which is the lowest I've seen them. (regular price is $800+)

    When I get my tax refund this spring, I'm thinking of either a P320 Rx, M&P Compact (though I already have an M&P fullsize and a Shield), a Hudson H9 (though really pricey!), or something else that hasn't been announced yet. Maybe the Ruger Pistol-Caliber Carbine..

    I visited Runnings earlier and handled a P320 for the first time. The Compact fit in the hand well, trigger wasn't bad. I made the required joke about not dropping it.
  5. Podmonkey

    Podmonkey .338 Win Mag Monthly Shot Winner U.S. Military

    Send the slide out to be milled for an rds. Seems to be a common service now days.
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