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  1. alistair

    alistair .45 acp

    Anyone shot the Sig P226 RX (the P226 with Romeo1 red dot sight) ?

    I have been thinking about buying a P320 RX, then came across these replacement slides for the P226.
    Sig Sauer Caliber Conversion kits-with Romeo 1 reflex sight, Gun Kit Up to $39.01 Off w/ Free S&H — 2 models

    I have a P226 Stainless Elite which I love to shoot.

    The new slide with Romeo1 sight would provide a different shooting experience without having to notify NYS, FUAC !
    However, the price is a little steep, and for a few hundred more I could just buy a new P320 RX.

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  2. Podmonkey

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    Sounds like Sig is offering the RX thing on all their models. I think its a good deal in any model. You just have to decide if you'd rather have a poly striker gun or a hammer alloy gun. I think you should go with the option that is not, or at least less, represented in your current collection.
  3. Phauxtoe

    Phauxtoe .338 Win Mag

    i want an RX slide for the SP2022!
  4. MikeyCNY

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    Not much to contribute except to say I've had my eye(s) on a P320 Rx since they came out. There were a few online sales earlier this week for around $680 shipped, which is the lowest I've seen them. (regular price is $800+)

    When I get my tax refund this spring, I'm thinking of either a P320 Rx, M&P Compact (though I already have an M&P fullsize and a Shield), a Hudson H9 (though really pricey!), or something else that hasn't been announced yet. Maybe the Ruger Pistol-Caliber Carbine..

    I visited Runnings earlier and handled a P320 for the first time. The Compact fit in the hand well, trigger wasn't bad. I made the required joke about not dropping it.
  5. Podmonkey

    Podmonkey .450/400 Nitro Ex Monthly Shot Winner U.S. Military

    Send the slide out to be milled for an rds. Seems to be a common service now days.
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