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    NYS violates the constitution and provides tax money to abortion providers

    That position would not hold water. Otherwise, atheists could claim "no tax" status for the state givng tax exemption to churches.
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    The Perfect Picture of "systemic" racism. Why do we allow it to continue?

    They are the same hypocrites who tell you to preserve the planet by not driving. And they say that from their private jet aircraft.
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    Now Trump was a bad president because he didn’t buy drinking glasses

    Clintons. It must have been overlooked when they were forced to return a bunch of stuff they looted from the Whitehouse when they moved out.
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    Food shortage coming?

    I do very similar, but I have it delivered. Even less time spent and petrol used. :)
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    Union Pacific Curtails Fertilizer Shipments, Delaying Deliveries and Preventing New Rail Orders from Being Taken

    Could it be that Union Pacific is in league with the Biden administration to do as much damage as they can?
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    Adirondack native

    Welcome, the daks are GREAT!
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    Things are heating up in the Donbass

    ,,,and that is due to modern technology,
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    All 1000 tickets are for sale. First come first serve. Many tickets are given to people who sell them for us and are available if not sold. Too many sellers make it sometimes impossible to actually know what numbers are available at one time. Since every ticket has the exact same probability...
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    Bounty hunters charged with 10 misdemeanors for terrorizing incident in January

    How does one get a bounty hunter license? Where should I apply? What is the fee?
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    State zoning would destroy New York suburbs

    Faulty logic. Not a valid comparison.
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    Things are heating up in the Donbass

    You may be correct. But we shall see in few weeks.
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    What’s the point of 10rd mags if ya can’t use all 10?

    It depends upon "how many boolets it takes to kill a deer."
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    Joe Biden’s international skills had better come out soon or were dead. China, North Korea, and Russia increasing aggression

    To answer the thread: " Joe Biden’s international skills had better come out soon or were dead. I believe he has demonstrated those skills over the past 50 years. A big ZERO.