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    FFL Question

    The store I work in will not give it’s FFL number to a customer. In this case they would want the other FFL to email them directly
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    Now that we won NYSRPA V Bruen, what comes next ?

    No assault rifle ban in Washington state. But we do have a new 10 round magazine limit
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    Teen Arrested For Shooting In School Parking Lot ... Released ... can't make this crap up .. unfkin real .

    Washington state where the politicians represent the criminals and judges like to see law abiding citizens get hurt and killed
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    Minnesota Rioter Sentenced After A Man Was Burned Alive Inside A Pawn Shop During George Floyd Riots

    I’m thinking terrorism charges are appropriate for this pos
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    The 'Truth in Vaccination' law NY State

    Or my friend that went 100% deaf in one ear and 50% in the other 3 hours after his 2nd shot. Steroid therapy including steroid shots directly to the ear. Still deaf 3 months later
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    Belt recommendation

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    Delayed (NICS)

    Do you give them your ss number. That might help. Especially if you have a common name
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    Election Night Plans ?

    I’m hoping that they will have another The View Election Special like last time. Best TV I’d seen in a while.
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    Bills to limit gun magazines and restrict gun sales fail in Washington Legislature

    It means I still live in a free state. WA is controlled by Democrats but I can still own anything but a machine gun Go figure?
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    Can a friend fire my handgun legally with no permit?

    According to the constitution you can have anyone shoot your gun. I do. Fuck unconstitutional laws If you go along with this shit, then it is the law
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    Feds Scramble after Las Vegas Shooter’s Girlfriend Lists FBI as Place of Employment on Loan Applicat

    Maybe he wanted to kill a bunch of Trumpsters at a Country concert?
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    Consignment rate.

    15% where I work
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    need a good holster