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    Of Pistol Caliber Lever Actions

    I've wanted a Marlin in .357 for a number of years but availability and price have prohibited me from picking one up. I do have a model 336 in 44mag to go with my SBH though. This goes along with my .35 Rem, .338ME and 45-70
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    Biden to sign Juneteenth bill, creating first new federal holiday in decades

    I was actually referring to the liquid version.
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    Black Lives Matter activist shot in head

    NAAAHHHH if She knew Hillary it would have been reported as suicide.
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    40mm Granades found in a guys backyard

    Why can't I find shit like this?
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    reloading supplies on rochester craigslist

    $25@100 primers? I flagged him for being a scalper.....haha
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    WTT Looking for .45-70 brass!

    I have some I could part with if you have something I need. What ya got to trade?
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    WTB 280 Rem or 22-250 brass

    Well 50 of each to start would be nice. Right now both calibers are hard to find but then most everything is.
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    WTB 280 Rem or 22-250 brass

    Just a bump in case anyone has any.
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    Scope for a 10/22?? I have one and they are a great scope
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    Police chief says new cannabis law is flawed

    Just wave a bag of Doritos in front of the driver and see if they take them :hookah:
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    WTB 280 Rem or 22-250 brass

    Right now I am not too picky as I just bought both of these rifles. I am looking for enough to work up a decent ladder for each combination I try. I was able to find a couple boxes of 280 Federal Fusion but still looking for more brass to work a few different loadings. Once I have a little more...
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    WTB 280 Rem or 22-250 brass

    7mm-06 is different although the 280 is based off the -06 case and ye the 7mm express is the original name for the cartridge which is what my barrel is stamped.
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    WTB 280 Rem or 22-250 brass

    On the off chance anyone has any to let go. Looking to buy or trade.
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    Let's play a game. Show us something you don't think anyone else here has.

    How many buckets of them do you want? Still should be a few lying around somewhere. Tossed out a truck load of old buckets last spring