1. speedkills27

    Class review: OFT Red Dot Pistol

    Ever since I decided to take the plunge into red dots on pistols I have been struggling with picking up the dot quickly and re-acquiring the dot for follow up shots. I knew I needed a class to show me the small things I had been missing. I signed up with Onsight immediately when they offered a...
  2. Nicys Firearm Instruction

    *Introduction to Defensive Shotgun - Dutchess Co.*

    *When: Saturday, September 7th, 8:30 am *Where: Hopewell Junction, NY 12533 *$25.00 Deposit
  3. Bullcreek_Strategic

    Thank you! DISCOUNT CODE

    First I would like to thank everyone here who takes the time to message us, interact with us and ask us questions, we truly appreciate you. Which is why, in light of this tax season we are offering a 20% off discount code, for classes $160+ use code TAXBREAK19 at our website Bull Creek Strategic
  4. Nicys Firearm Instruction

    *Introduction to Tactical Shotgun - Dutchess Co.*

    **Class Update as of 03/06/19** *When: Saturday April 13th - 9 am to 3:00 pm *Where: Hopewell Junction, NY 12533 *Deposit: $25.00 due at registration *Discounts: -Active Military, Law Enforcement and Fire Department, $25.00 Off -Register at same time w/ a friend or spouse, $20.00 Off -Join...
  5. Nicys Firearm Instruction

    Nicys Firearms Instruction

    About our Company: “Nicys Firearms Instruction” offers performance-based training and is dedicated to make you a better shooter. Whether you are looking to improve your skills with a pistol, rifle or shotgun, obtain your NYS pistol license, learn about NYS laws or be better prepared to...
  6. speedkills27

    Any Interest in a Tac Med class from Buffalo members?

    I just wanted to gauge interest from any members in the WNY area in a tactical medicine course with EMS Tactical Group. It would be a 16 hr class (2 days), date and venue are TBD based on commitment. If you can make holes, you should probably know how to fill them too. Course description below...
  7. speedkills27

    Range Report Defensive Pistol and Defensive Rifle with Onsight 4-21 & 4-22

    Saturday morning in Pittsburgh I arrived at Pitcairn-Monroeville Sportsman's Club, which is beautiful facility! The club offers something for every shooter, between trap and skeet fields, steel challenge bays, and a long range rifle range, this place is a playground! Those of you close enough to...
  8. TrainShot

    Innovation in shooting field - Targets

    Hey guys, my name is Adriena, I would like to ask you for a favour and on your opinion. Honestly, I started work with guys who are developing an electronic target system. It is inteligent, saves time and it is affordable. Its called TrainShot. I am a hobby shooter and I think its amazing. But I...
  9. Podmonkey

    Training in Bradford PA

    Ben from @OnSight Firearms Training is holding some training sessions in Bradford PA in, I think, April. I was wondering if any of our forum members were considering heading down there for this, Bradford being just over the state line along US 219. If so I'd like to trek up there and take the...
  10. Tactigal Inc.

    Women's 4 Hour Low Light Pistol - Rockland County

    According the Bureau of Justice Statistics: National Crime Victimization Survey Two-Thirds of all rapes and violent sexual assaults occur at night. This class was designed to help empower women to feel confident in their own self defense no matter the time of day. Each student will learn...
  11. speedkills27

    Anyone have any training lined up for end of summer/fall?

    Also, who are your favorite to train with? I'm getting the training itch again but there are so many good instructors out there its hard to find the time and money to do it all. I would love to get into a few of Craig Douglas's classes but they book months in advance, and are hard to find within...
  12. DINKIN

    Salutations from Schenectady!

    Salutations from Schenectady! I just moved to Schenectady, to a pretty bad part "Mont Pleasant." I've always been interested in firearms and taking safety classes. But My family has forever been anti gun and anti "traditional values.: So I've always had to keep this part of my life secret from...
  13. Tactigal Inc.


    This class features concealed carry holster selection and clothing discussion for the female shooter. Reality-based live fire drills maximized with one-on-one assessments and corrective adjustments. Designed to transition the student from a static ‘range’ mindset to a more tactical skill base...
  14. Tactigal Inc.


    TactiGal Inc. will be proudly offering a series of Women's Classes starting on Saturday May 6th, 2017 at the Blue Mountain Sportsman Center. This course is designed to provide not only the fundamentals of pistol shooting but also build confidence, hone accuracy and create a positive environment...
  15. OnSight Firearms Training


    Hey gang, I had one person drop out of our Chris Fry class at Blue Mountain Sportsman Center, Saturday November 12, 2016. I figured I would offer it up on here before announcing on our regular pages. PRACTICAL PISTOL SKILLS with Chris Fry
  16. OnSight Firearms Training

    SATURDAY SEPT 24th - Concealed Carry Defensive Pistol class. (Westchester) - DISCOUNT FOR FORUM.

    I have two slots left for this Saturday's Concealed Carry Defensive Pistol Class at Blue Mountain Sportsman's Center in Cortlandt Manor. CONCEALED CARRY DEFENSIVE PISTOL Class is normally $150 but I will knock $50 off for any nygunforum member who signs up. Just pay the $50 Deposit, and PM me...