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    .410 ammo?

    I always suggest to my buddies that got kids,DON't buy a 410,it will cost way too much to shoot,get a 20 gauge.Cheaper to shoot and they will probably hit more with it.
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    Carrying In a Post Office Legal?

    How can you mail guns when some gunwhore in town is buying them all up??
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    Where to buy .22lr in Steuben County?

    New gun shop in Penn Yan phone is 315-536-4553 Mount Pleasant Guns
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    New, unfortunate member.

    I tend to agree with you.I was lead to believe if you lose PP you can no longer own long guns as per the Unsafe Act?
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    Gunsmith In Lower NY

    Tappan Zee ??? Andys going to be mad!
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    Let's talk intelligently about 4473s.

    I thought they were in the bottom off Keuka Lake?
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    DONE 5.56/ 223 Ammo for sale

    Any relation to Bruce or the late Mike?
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    Any gun smiths on this board in WNY?

    Try All Outdoors,Dave Allen in Wayne NY 607-292-3714 He's done work for me,very satisied.
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    Rachel Maddow says 'implosion' of NRA would be 'biggest' political story if not for impeachment

    Everybody bitching about the NRA,the lefties love it.The problem is not the NRA,its all your buddies with big mouths that stay home home on election day then bitch. Voting,think about all the lives in world wars that have been lost ,so some jerk can stay home and not use the privelge he has.It...
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    It's 10/22 Day!!

    My first 10/22 was bought at Smittys Gun Shop,Hamilton St Geneva in 1966.It cost $55.50.Sold it long ago but got it back in a swap deal for a set of Cub Cadet duals!
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    Bill would reclassify many older guns as non-regulated antique firearms

    I think Chris Collins attempted this awhile back,but never knew what happened to his proposal.I sure sounds good to me!
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    Worthless #: Amount of handguns found at Buffalo airport's TSA checkpoints more than doubled in 2018

    Yes,and I believe that jerk ws breaking the law by destroying a firearm! Too bad he didn't get arrested.
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    Cleaning Friends Rifles

    i'm wondering if its even legal to clean someone else gun.I thought I heard once that,legally,you had to have a gunsmith license to do anything.Maybe I'm wrong,just thought I'd mention it.
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    Get Off My Lawn! My Garand Arrived

    Bought one several years ago at yard sale in Bath.That SOB made me pay $100,what a crook!